Information about Cas Català

Information about Cas Català

Cas Catala Mallorca

Cas Catala real estate – exclusive houses and homes in top locations

Cas Catala is situated on the coast, which gave it a certain renown quite early on in Europe and beyond. Many famous people have holidayed or even lived in Cas Catala, such as Errol Flynn or Rita Hayworth. This is hardly surprising because the scenery around Cas Catala is determined by a beautiful coastline and picturesque, sandy beaches.

FIRST MALLORCA maintains an exclusive portfolio of selected properties in Cas Catala situated in the best locations. Whether a plot of land or a finca, we offer properties to our clients which suit every purpose. Some examples from our portfolio:

Modern apartment looking out over the sea and the mountains

Terraced house very close to the sea

Villa in colonial style with a first-class view of the sea

Whether you are looking for a permanent residence or just a holiday home, we provide comprehensive advice and show you properties in Cas Catala which come into question. We at FIRST MALLORCA always give priority to our clients’ interests.

Cas Catala – what else does this coastal town have to offer?

The coastal town of Cas Catala is part of Calvia municipality, one of the wealthiest parishes on Mallorca. No wonder that properties in Cas Catala are so sought after. Although the island’s capital is just a few kilometres away, you find yourself surrounded by nature, bordered by the sea on one side and by shady groves on the other. Cas Catala itself has a small but thriving gastronomic scene, which also includes the Maricel Hotel.

Most properties in Cas Catala provide a nice view of the sea and the nearby mountains. A number of homes are situated on a hillside, sheltered and exclusive.

Exclusive real estate agency in Cas Catala – our creative services generate added value for you

The daily business at FIRST MALLORCA is to find properties in Cas Catala tailored to our clients’ individual needs. In doing so, we deploy modern, creative services, many years of experience and new information technologies. We can rely on our advantages as local real estate agents when selecting exclusive properties in Cas Catala. Simply drop by our office and find out more about our work as a real estate agency in Cas Catala.

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